Welcome to Levi Innovations, our products primarily focus on accessorizing leisure furniture.  They make the time you take to relax a little more relaxing. 

All of our products are made with the highest quality materials, and we take pride in their craftsmanship.  A few of our products are listed below. To see a full list of the products we produce, check out "Our Products".

Swing-Mate Springs

The Swing-Mate springs are barrel shaped springs designed to add comfort to porch swings, A-frame swings, hammocks and hammock chairs.  Their sturdy construction ensures years of enjoyment and relaxation.


TreeHugger Hammock Strap

The TreeHugger hammock straps are designed to wrap around a tree and provide connection points for hammocks.  They make hammocks much more mobile.



The KnoKnot is designed specifically for hanging chairs suspended by rope or cordage.  It dramatically simplifies the hanging, and making height adjustments to the chair.


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