Levi Innovations & Designs, has developed a new product for hanging chairs suspended by rope or cordage. 

The KnoKnot dramatically simplifies the hanging and height adjustment of the chair.  It is manufactured from 1/8" steel and powder coated black for an aesthetic blend with the chair's hanging rope. 

In state certified load tests, the KnoKnot did not fail until a weight of 3000 pounds had been reached.  Half-inch hollow braid polypropylene was used in conjunction with the KnoKnot during testing.  At the 3000 pound breakage, only minimal wear had occurred at points of contact between the cord and the KnoKnot.  A working load of 1500 pounds has been documented for capacity on the KnoKnot.

Key Benefits

  • Dramatically simplifies hanging and height adjustment of chair
  • Eliminates need for cumbersome knot
  • No minimum order required



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